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2024 Yamaha Sidewinder X-TX LE 146 1.6 (IQS)

2024 Yamaha Sidewinder X-TX LE 146 1.6 (IQS)


Not every rider has the opportunity or the desire to run nicely groomed trails every day. Heavy snowfall, limited grooming or lack of trails can leave you wanting a longer, deep lug track with more transfer to get it done. The X-TX has it all with its VersAttack rear suspension and 146-inch Cobra track. Yamaha has added the advantage of suspension tuning from the bars with Fox iQS electronically controlled shock absorbers. With the push of a button, you can dial in the ride for whatever is thrown at you. Propelled by the well-proven Genesis Turbo, the X-TX LE is a top performer both on and off the trail.

  • Specs

    Manufacturer Model Year Color Engine Size
    Yamaha Sidewinder X-TX LE 2024 Team Blue/Black/White 998 cc


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