2021 Suzuki RM-Z250M1

2021 Suzuki RM-Z250M1


The 250 class in motocross doesn’t forgive the slightest weakness. That’s why we’ve designed the RM-Z250 to achieve the right balance of “Run, Turn, and Stop” necessary to win in this ultra-competitive arena. Intensive work by our engineers has once again made the RM-Z250 the leader out of the gate,with a engine featuring increased power across the board and class-leading electronics, a lighter frame and swingarm plus updated suspension for even better handling, a completely new styling design, and a laundry list of other updates to make it the most potent motocrosser in its class. Look out…the RM-Z250 is here!

  • Specs

    Model Year Manufacturer Colour Engine Size Wheelbase Transmission Overall Length
    2021 RM-Z250 2021 Suzuki Yellow 249 cc   5-speed  


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